Abandoned Well Sealing


The procedure involves removing the cribbing to a reasonable depth, then filling the shaft with sand/gravel, bentonite and clay, in an appropriate sequence. Chlorine will be put into the well to disinfect before the well is filled. A layer of bentonite at the water level and other various levels will prevent contamination from surface sources. Clay will be used as the final layer at the surface level.

Program Objectives

To help maintain the groundwater quality.


Location of well must be within the Lake of the Prairies CD

Terms and Conditions

Landowner Responsibility

  • Complete project by September 30th in the year of application. Circumstances preventing project completion by September 30th must be reported to the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District Board.
  • LPCD may offer to extend funding until October 31st, based on landowner circumstances.
  • Request assistance by the proper application which is to be received at the Conservation District office
  • Sign consent of entry including any agreed upon or special conditions
  • Provide access for inspection or evaluation by the Board at any reasonable time
  • Not alter, change, remove or modify the project without written consent of the District
  • Indemnify and save harmless the District from any and all actions, claims, suits, damages, injuries, or other loss no matter howsoever arising as a result of the construction, operation or maintenance of the project
  • Ensure that any pumps, objects and other significant debris are safely removed from well prior to commencement of well sealing
  • Arrange for necessary equipment for excavation
  • Arrange for necessary materials to be on-site prior to well abandonment commencement.

Conservation District Responsibility

  • Determine application priorities in consultation with the Sub-District and Board
  • Reserve the right to reasonable access to project areas for tours or to inspect the condition of the project site
  • Provide bentonite and chlorine necessary for sealing and disinfecting wells

General Terms and Conditions

  • Subject to the above terms, the Agreement shall become effective and shall be binding upon both parties until terminated;
  • If either party fails to meet the above mentioned responsibilities, the Agreement may be terminated by the party via written notice;
  • The annual projects resulting from this program will be subject to funds appropriated;
  • Technical service will be subject to the availability of staff. The District reserves the right to establish priorities for providing such services and assistance; and
  • Failure of landowner to meet Landowner Responsibilities may negate him/her from other Conservation District Programs.

Abandoned Well Sealing Program Application


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