Board Members

To ensure the CD’s direction reflects provincial priorities outlined in the Manitoba Water Strategy. This directive will be achieved by incorporating the provincial priorities into our integrated watershed management plan.

To ensure the participation of the public, local government and other community interests in the development of a provincially approved, integrated watershed management plan.

To work towards building the watershed plan into a regional development plan, provided through numerous provincial acts (i.e. Planning Act, Highways Act, Municipal Act, etc.)

Board Members

  • Chair of the Board – Wayne Buick
  • Sub-District 1 – Jack Lenderback (4 Members)
  • Sub-District 2 – Glenda Chescu (4 Members)
  • Sub-District 3 – Garry Clunas (4 Members)
  • Sub-District 4 – Cheryl Kingdon-Chartier (4 Members)
  • Provincial AppointeeMike Shenderevich
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    Shelterbelt Program

    Max of 100 trees per land owner LPCD covers 100% of the cost! Conditions Applications will be available August 1st until December 1st. 25% deposit is required to secure your order. Full reimbursement upon pick up. Basic trees offered Green Ash, Bur Oak, Caragana, Cottonwood, Redosier Dogwood, Lilac, Manitoba Maple, Hybrid Poplar, Siberian Larch, […]

    Shelterbelt Program Application Form

  • Rain Barrels

    Rain Barrels

    Rain barrels can be purchased from our office for $40