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In January 2001, the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District (LPCD) was established by order in council of Province of Manitoba. Located in the Asessippi Parkland Region of the Province of Manitoba, Lake of the Prairies Conservation District originally encompassed the rural municipalities of Russell, Shellmouth-Boulton, and Silver Creek. Along with these RMs, the Town of Russell and the Village of Binscarth were also members of the District. In April of 2004, the rural municipalities of Park North and Shell River (which have since amalgamated), as well as the Town of Roblin joined the District to complete the Lake of the Prairies Watershed (with the exception of the western part of the R.M. of Hillsburg).

The District is 3,408 km2 in size and borders the Province of Saskatchewan to the west, Duck Mountain Provincial Park to the north and Riding Mountain National Park to the east. Asessippi Provincial Park is situated in the central park of the District. LPCD works in cooperation with our neighboring CDs, which are Upper Assiniboine River Conservation District to the south and east and the Intermountain Conservation District to the northeast.

LPCD is divided into six sub-districts, based on the sub-watersheds that exist within the overall drainage basin. Each sub-district has a committee to which councilors and ratepayers are appointed. The duties of a sub-district committee are to study the conservation requirements of the sub-district and make recommendations to the LPCD Board; to promote and encourage the purposes of The Conservation Districts Act; and to act as a liaison between the councils of included municipalities and the Board.

The LPCD Board consists of the chairman of each sub-district committee and a person appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Provincial Appointee). The Board then elects one of its members as chair.

Organizational Chart

Board Members

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    This is a list of trees that are offered through the program.

    Green Ash, Bur Oak, Caragana, Red Osier Dogwood, Common Lilac, Manitoba Maple, Oakanese Poplar, Siberian Larch, Scots Pine, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, Acute Willow

    We only have so much money for this program, so once we max out on orders the program is closed for the year.  We strongly recommend those who are interested to submit your applications and cheques ASAP as we don’t hold spots.  Its a first come, first serve program.

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