Erosion Control Initatives

Erosion Control Initiatives

The removal of soil, sand or silt like material by natural elements or human error.

Program Objectives:

We aim to aid land owners, RM’s, and town offices alike. Erosion can negatively impact agriculture production, property value, and water quality.


  • Land owner must be located in the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District.
  • Some form or erosion must be evident on the landowners, RM’s, or towns’ property.


Landowners Responsibility:

  • Request assistance by attached application, which is to be received by the Conservation District office;
  • Provide consent of entry for construction and inspection, if necessary;
  • Provide sufficient room for construction and in no way the completed work be altered or changed.

Conservation District Responsibility:

  • Provide on-site inspection with landowner (if available) prior to construction;
  • Coordinate, oversee, and carry out all responsibilities required to complete works; and
  • Inspect annually after spring run-off

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Subject to the above terms, the Agreement shall become effective and shall be binding upon both parties until terminated;
  • If either party fails to meet the above mentioned responsibilities, the Agreement may be terminated by the other party via written notice;
  • Said termination shall take effect as of five (5) years subsequent to the effective date hereafter described;
  • The annual projects resulting form this program will be subject to funds appropriated;
  • Engineering and technical service and financial assistance for project construction or maintenance will be subject to the availability of staff.
  • Failure of landowner to meet landowner responsibilities may negate his eligibility for other District programs.

Erosion Control Program Application

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