Grassed Waterways


A grassed waterway is a broad, shallow, swale-shaped channel with adjacent buffer strips protected by grass, legumes or other vegetation. These waterways are designed to carry surface run-off across agricultural land with minimal soil erosion.

Program Objectives

  • To prevent soil erosion in cultivated soils
  • To protect surface water quality
  • To provide wildlife habitat
  • To produce forages for harvest; can provide recompense the grassed channel establishment costs
  • To prevent channel erosion and soil erosion on adjacent lands


Waterway must

  • Be within the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District
  • Be an on-farm runway
  • Be able to be maintained as a grassed waterway without altering its course or flow
  • Require stabilization to prevent channel erosion or erosion to adjacent agricultural land

Terms and Conditions

Applicant Responsibility

  • Complete project by August 31 in year of application. Circumstances preventing project completion by August 31st must be reported to Lake of the Prairies Conservation District.
  • LPCD may offer to extend funding until October 31st, based on landowner circumstances.
  • Request assistance by attached application, which is to be received at the LPCD office;
  • Provide consent of entry including any agreed upon or special conditions;
  • Provide sufficient room for construction;
  • Seed a companion crop on land adjacent to the grassed waterway, if recommended by the Board;
  • Remove all brush piles, stones and other debris after construction as designated by the LPCD;
  • Mow or swath the waterway at least once a year prior to freeze;
  • Shall not break pasture, burn, use as a roadway, cultivate parallel to or in any way cause or permit to be caused damage to the grassed waterway for a minimum of 4 years; and
  • Replace at 25% cost if damage to the grassed waterway is the result of the neglect of any of the preceding.

Printable Version of Criteria

Application Form

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