Mission Directives and Strategies

Mission Directive 1

Develop an integrated watershed management plan, in partnership with provincial and local government and other community interests.

Mission Strategy

The Lieutenant Governor in Council has, by regulation, designated the LPCD Board as the water planning authority for the watersheds within the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District. As such, the preparation of an integrated watershed management plan will be completed by LPCD in consultation with:

  • the council of any municipality located wholly or partly within the watershed
  • any band, as defined in the Indian Act (Canada), that has reserve land within the watershed
  • and any other person or entity specified by the Minister of Water Stewardship residents of the watershed.

External funding for this process will be obtained from the Water Stewardship Fund, which has been established in part to provide grants to assist in the implementation of watershed management plans or water conservation programs.

The IWMP process will be completed in the following manner:

Phase 1: Watershed Characterization & Plan Initiation

  1. Set watershed goals and objectives
  2. Characterize watershed conditions
  3. Establish a steering committee, regional advisory committee and a technical advisory committee
  4. Share information and engage the general public
  5. Determine watershed issues, concerns and opportunities
  6. Conduct necessary studies

Phase 2: Plan Preparation and Approval

  1. Prioritize information needed to draft sub-watershed plans
  2. Conduct necessary studies
  3. Develop watershed management options and recommend options in draft plans
  4. Recommend water conservation objectives to the Minister of Water Stewardship
  5. Share revisions and amendments and gather public input
  6. Submit amended IWMP for final approval.

Phase 3: Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Public and stakeholders implement plan
  2. Regular IWMP status conferences

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Mission Directive 2

Develop and implement voluntary, incentive-based programs and projects.

Missions Strategy

Program Priorities

  • Programs should mitigate risk to water sources and aquatic ecosystems
  • Programs should be targeted to affecting land use change to improve the health of the watershed
  • Programs should cover the following natural resource categories:
    • Water
    • Soil

Program Categories

Programs in each natural resource category should address the following components:

Resource Management

Programs offered to landowners within the CD, encompassing the Beneficial Management Practices as outlined in the Environmental Farm Plan program, alternate land use strategies, holistic management initiatives and the provincial priorities.

Resource Protection

Programs implemented within the CD that address the overall health and well-being of the watershed.

Resource Services

Services offered by the CD that assist landowners in achieving beneficial management practices.

Resource Projects

Projects that directly relate to the overall health of the watershed.

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Mission Directive 3

Ensure that the ecological integrity and overall health of the watershed is protected by making decisions that will result in positive, sustainable impacts for present and future generations.

Missions Strategy

To assess the effectiveness of the CD programs, water quality and other indicators will be monitored, evaluated, and reported on over time. Results will be used to measure the success of the District’s programs, and to reassess the goals and objectives of the Board.

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