Nutrient Buffer Zone Establishment Program


In accordance with Manitoba’s Nutrient Management Regulation, Nutrient Buffer Zones have been designated as water quality management zones and must be managed according to section 10 of the Regulation, which states that no person shall apply a substance containing nitrogen or phosphorus to land within the Nutrient Buffer Zone.

Program Purpose

The Lake of the Prairies CD will pursue the establishment of permanent nutrient buffer zones along permanent and semi-permanent rivers, streams, marshes and lakes. Project locations may be identified by Lake of the Prairies CD board members or staff, or may be referred to the Lake of the Prairies CD by Applicants. The width of a nutrient buffer zone will be determined as per the specifications listed in the Nutrient Buffer Zone table (Appendix A).

Program Objectives

To protect surface water quality in water channels and bodies.

Program Benefits

Contributes to shoreline stabilization, provides wildlife habitat, and eliminates field runoff from blocking drains and crossings with excess residue and topsoil.


  • Lands must be within the Lake of the Prairies CD
  • Proposed nutrient buffer zone(s) must agree with definition provided in Appendix A
  • Priority will be given to those lands that are adjacent to vulnerable water bodies or located in high risk areas
  • All applications must be made out by the owner of the land
  • Crown Land must be made out in the Leasee’s name
  • Late applications will not be accepted

Terms and Conditions

Applicant Responsibility

  1. Fill out an application & return to Conservation District office prior to May 29 (mail applications must be postmarked no later than May 29)
  2. Sign consent of entry including any agreed upon or special conditions
  3. Shall establish nutrient buffer zone in same year of application
  4. Shall not break, pasture, burn, cultivate or in any way cause or permit to be caused damage to the nutrient buffer zone
  5. Replace at 100% cost if damage is result of any of the above.

Conservation District Responsibility

Inspect annually after spring run-off up to a period of four years of establishment.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Subject to the above terms, the Agreement shall become effective and shall be binding upon both parties
  2. This program will be subject to funds appropriated
  3. The District reserves the right to establish priorities for providing such services and assistance
  4. Failure of Applicant to meet Applicant Responsibilities may negate his eligibility for other District programs.



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