Off-Site Solar Powered Water System Trials


To provide livestock producers with the opportunity to participate in a short-term alternate water system assessment, where the benefits of clean water and increased riparian vegetation growth can be tested. This program will ultimately enhance livestock productivity, encourage sustainable land management and protect overall surface water quality.

Program Details

  1. At the request of the landowner, and based on availability, LPCD staff will deliver and install one of two systems available for trial.
  2. Landowner will supply a $100 security deposit on system for duration of use.
  3. Water system is provided on a trial bias only, maximum of three week trial – extension of trial is possible pending demand for program participation.
  4. Participants will be notified one week prior to removal of system to allow for alternate watering arrangements to be made.
  5. Participant is responsible for notifying the LPCD of any problems with the trial water system
  6. LPCD staff are responsible for maintenance of trial water system.

Eligibility and Conditions

  1. Project lands must be within the Lake of the Prairie Conservation District
  2. Applications will be approved on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Trials for the purpose of removing livestock from watering in natural watercourses will be given priority.

Note: All equipment remains the property of the Lake of the Prairie Conservation District and is not for sale at the end of the trial. Producers interested in purchasing similar units are encouraged to inquire at the district office for retail and technical information.

To arrange for a trial of the solar-powered trough trailer, please contact our office at 564-2388.

Printable Version of Criteria

Application Form

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    We only have so much money for this program, so once we max out on orders the program is closed for the year.  We strongly recommend those who are interested to submit your applications and cheques ASAP as we don’t hold spots.  Its a first come, first serve program.

    Thank you!

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