Pasture Pipeline Plow Rental


To assist landowners in providing a clean and reliable water source for pasturing livestock in a location where other sources are not feasible. The program will ultimately enhance livestock productivity, encourage efficient land management and protect surface water. Rotational grazing systems will be encouraged.


  1. Location of alternate watering system must be on lands within the Lake of the Prairies Conservation District (R.M.’s of Russell, Shell River, Shellmouth-Boulton or Silver Creek).
  2. Crown land projects may be eligible if lessee is eligible.
  3. Conditions and costs of this pasture pipeline rental are not applicable for reimbursement under LPCD’s Alternate Watering and Water Distribution Systems reimbursement program


The Applicant Shall

  1. Submit completed application in name of registered landowner and include pasture pipeline trenching plan.
  2. Coordinate complete project with technical assistance from LPCD and other parties as required.
  3. Arrange for the delivery of and pay all costs associated with the pipe and connectors used for project.
  4. Pay $150 / day for pasture pipeline trencher rental; to be rented and returned during business hours to the LPCD office.
  5. Pay any costs associated with repair to the trencher for damage incurred while trencher in possession of renter.
  6. Provide or have access to a tractor, with hydraulics, capable of pulling pasture pipeline trencher (approx. 100 horsepower).
  7. Be solely responsible for connecting pasture pipeline to existing pipeline or pump, future maintenance of installed pipeline and damage to pipeline as a result of agricultural practices.
  8. Confine work to own lands; any form of custom work or subletting trencher strictly prohibited.
  9. Grant access to site for tours, inspection or sign erection at any reasonable time.
  10. Grant the Conservation District the right to use any information related to this project for educational or promotional purposes.
  11. Not alter, change, remove or modify the project without written consent of the District.
  12. Indemnify and save harmless the district from any and all actions, claims, suits, damages, injuries or other loss no matter how arising as a result of the construction, operation, or maintenance of this project.
  13. Face possible elimination from future district programming should he/she fail to comply with conditions.

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