Public Awareness

Recreational Shoreline Stewardship Program

This public awareness campaign is designed specifically for cottage owners, campers, boaters and fisher-people. Through the use of a variety of communication media, the public will learn the importance of protecting water quality; identify common practices that harm shoreline habitat and aquatic ecosystems; and discover how they can minimize the effect their activities have on environmental integrity while enjoying the great outdoors.

Annual Banquet

Each year in November, LPCD hosts a fun and informative banquet, featuring a brief presentation highlighting the district’s achievements for the year, a keynote speaker, and an award presentation to our Conservation Family of the Year. We also use this evening as an opportunity to showcase the entries for the youth display competitions, as well as conduct judging and present awards for each category.

IWMP Public Symposiums

As part of the process for the Integrated Watershed Management plan, LPCD will be conducting several informal public meetings, such as consultations, symposiums and open houses. We value the contribution of public perspective as we develop our plan for managing the watersheds that comprise our conservation district.

Well Water Awareness

The following PDF’s were created by the LPCD to help raise awareness about Well Water, safety, water treatment, and many other related topics:

For further information on any of the above activities, please contact our office or check our calendar below for scheduled events.

  • Upcoming Events


    Shelterbelt Program

    Max of 100 trees per land owner LPCD covers 100% of the cost! Conditions Applications will be available August 1st until December 1st. 25% deposit is required to secure your order. Full reimbursement upon pick up. Basic trees offered Green Ash, Bur Oak, Caragana, Cottonwood, Redosier Dogwood, Lilac, Manitoba Maple, Hybrid Poplar, Siberian Larch, […]

    Shelterbelt Program Application Form

  • Rain Barrels

    Rain Barrels

    Rain barrels can be purchased from our office for $40