Water Management Programs

Water Management

Shellmouth Dam Liaison

The conservation district manager sits on the Shellmouth Dam Liaison Committee to provide an unbiased watershed management persepective to the operational guidelines of the dam, while at the same time, representing the concerns of watershed residents.

Inter-Provincial Water Issues

LPCD continues to strengthen relations with watershed management personnel in the province of Saskatchewan. Our intent is to work in partnership with the Assiniboine Watershed Stewardship Association to protect the overall health of the Shell River watershed, which finds its headwaters in Saskatchewan.

Water Quality Monitoring

Manitoba Water Stewardship depends on LPCD staff to perform seasonal water quality test samples at various locations throughout the conservation district. The analysis results from these long-term monitoring stations assist LPCD in making watershed management decisions.

Water Protection

Alternate Watering and Water Distribution Systems

Riparian Stewardship Program

Abandoned Well Sealing


Shell River fish ladder

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    Shelterbelt Program

    Max of 100 trees per land owner LPCD covers 100% of the cost! Conditions Applications will be available August 1st until December 1st. 25% deposit is required to secure your order. Full reimbursement upon pick up. Basic trees offered Green Ash, Bur Oak, Caragana, Cottonwood, Redosier Dogwood, Lilac, Manitoba Maple, Hybrid Poplar, Siberian Larch, […]

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  • Rain Barrels

    Rain Barrels

    Rain barrels can be purchased from our office for $40